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  • Black Belt Principle #2 - Courtesy

    Black Belt Principle #2 - Courtesy

    Courtesy - the showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behavior towards others
    Courtesy is one of the core principles that separate the martial arts from many other activities. We learn from the very beginning that martial arts training begins and ends with respect. Being courteous and respectful toward others is a good way to make a positive impression on others. In the dojo, we demonstrate courtesy each time we bow
    , each time we give a polite greeting
    and by giving a positive response
    . Saying “ please
    ” and “ thank you
    ,” looking someone in the eyes during a conversation are all subtle and proper ways to demonstrate courtesy. ....

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  • Black Belt Principle #1 - Modesty

    Black Belt Principle #1 - Modesty

    We all recite the Principles of Black Belt on a regular basis when teaching or training. What we sometimes need to remember is that the meanings behind these words are what is most important. MODESTY
    -to be humble with your talent and skills

    As martial artists, we are constantly playing with a double-edged sword. One side is instilling belief and building our self-esteem and overall confidence, while the other side is controlling our ego and avoiding becoming overconfident. It is a good habit to compliment others and talk about other people’s positive aspects versus bragging about yourself. Take pride in yourself and believe in your ....

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  • P.M.A. vs. N.M.A.

    P.M.A. vs. N.M.A.

    P.M.A. – vs. – N.M.A .
    “Positive Mental Attitude – vs. – Negative Mental Attitude” To become a great BLACK BELT
    we must constantly condition our attitudes and emotions to remain positive and optimistic. We must train ourselves to keep our minds filled with positive thoughts, ideas and outcomes and to keep a strong belief in our ability to overcome the obstacles of achievement. Consider your options; take the negative route and fill your mind with fear, doubt, worry, envy and anger. How successful do you think you will become if you’re loaded with all those negatives? A positive attitude creates an energy ....

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  • Black Belts are Fired Up!

    Black Belts are Fired Up!

    Black Belts have the ability to stay focused on their goals and objectives. For you to be effective achieving your goals, you must also take the time to create clarity with your goals. Along with clarity you need a strong Why
    . Why do you want to achieve your goal? The stronger the why , the easier it will be to stay motivated on your goals. This week’s message talks about how Black Belts are fired up
    about their training and taking action toward the achievement of their goals. Fired up
    is another way of saying that Black Belts have a great deal of enthusiasm and energy that they consistently aim in the right direction. Black Belts should try to ....

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  • The Black Belt Mindset

    You do not need to have achieved a Black Belt in order to obtain a Black Belt Mindset. However, to be a Black Belt in the truest sense, you must cultivate and improve on your mindset daily. Black Belts should be optimistic, especially when it counts. You should be striving to see the positives in difficult situations and realize those exact situations, often times, teach you the most about yourself and what you are capable of. Practice daily to look for the silver lining in situations and spread your optimism to others. You should demonstrate kaizen in as many areas of your life as you can. Kaizen is the mindset and practice of small incremental improvements daily, weekly or monthly that ....

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  • Black Belts are Good Finders

    Becoming a Good Finder is a great habit that will lead to developing better relationships in every area of your life. Black Belts should strive to master their people skills right along with their martial arts expertise. They should also work to become great team players, in the dojo, at home and at school or in their workplace. To become a Good Finder, you must always try to search for all the good qualities in your teammates, co-workers, school buddies, your family and your friends. Your main objective should be to seek, find and acknowledge each person’s positive qualities and improvements on a regular basis. You might notice that someone has improved their flexibility, ....

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  • Black Belts Defeat Obstacles

    Achieving goals is all about overcoming and defeating obstacles that stand in your way. You need to train your mind and develop the habits that will lead you to success. A Black Belt prepares daily to face and defeat obstacles. They understand that the bigger the goals…the bigger the obstacles they must prepare to overcome. A Black Belt trains their mind to stay positive and optimistic, even when they are met with opposition and setbacks. Black Belts tend to maximize the goal and minimize the obstacles. Once they identify the problem, they immediately focus on the solution. They keep their goals and objectives very clear by regular review and refinement of the actions that ....

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  • Black Belts are Focused

    What is one of the essential qualities you will consistently see in a Black Belt? It’s the ability to stay focused and keep their goal in mind. Black Belts have a clear picture of what they want to accomplish, and this helps them to take the right actions to make their goals happen. Black Belts condition themselves mentally to stay alert and develop a higher level of concentration. They have learned how to turn their mental switch “ON” when it is time to train and have also learned how to turn it “OFF” when it is time to rest and recover. Black Belts are better able to tame and aim their efforts and energies in a positive and purposeful direction. ....

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  • Clarity is Power

    The clearer we all become on our goals, the greater our chances of success and achievement. It’s much easier to figure out how to achieve something, once you’ve decided exactly what it is that you really want and why you want it. Most people tend to have foggy goals or wandering daydreams that often lack real direction. They may say something like; “I’d like to lose some weight and get in better shape!” or, “I wish I had more money, maybe I’ll buy a lottery ticket!” Neither one of these statements is very clear or specific, nor do they have little chance of turning into a reality. Martial Arts training, and life, are so much more fun ....

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  • Kokoro

    The KOKORO symbol translates into heart. It can also have the meaning of mindset. For our purposes, on the mats, think of it as the mindset that allows you to properly focus and trigger yourself to achieve optimal results. Being pumped up, psyched up and ready to go, is a quality that BLACK BELTS can develop. KOKORO goes beyond this short-term hyperactive state of mind. It is the ability to bring yourself to Peak State on a consistent basis. To do this, you must learn to calm yourself, block out distractions and get rid of any negative thoughts that can sometimes clutter your mind. KOKORO allows you to better focus yourself while aiming your energies and efforts in a positive and ....

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