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  • Kokoro


    The KOKORO symbol translates into heart. It can also have the meaning of mindset. For our purposes, on the mats, think of it as the mindset that allows you to properly focus and trigger yourself to achieve optimal results. Being pumped up, psyched up and ready to go, is a quality that BLACK BELTS can develop. KOKORO goes beyond this short-term hyperactive state of mind. It is the ability to bring yourself to Peak State on a consistent basis. To do this, you must learn to calm yourself, block out distractions and get rid of any negative thoughts that can sometimes clutter your mind. KOKORO
    allows you to better focus yourself while aiming your ....

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  • Habits You Train are Habits You Train

    Habits You Train are Habits You Train

    Habits rule our life
    . Most of what we do every day is based on our habits. Some are good and some are bad . Things like brushing our teeth, thinking positively, and reading, studying and practicing our Martial Arts are some of the good habits that we all should have in our daily routine. Wasting endless hours watching TV, playing video games, being on Facebook, eating too much junk food and being a couch potato; done consistently, will lead to negative habits.
    Good habits are difficult to develop, but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to develop, but difficult to live with.

    What are your best habits?

    Which habits would you like to ....

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  • Goals We Set, are Goals We Get.

    Goals We Set, are Goals We Get.

    It’s time to create your Top 5-10 Goals
    that would make 2020
    your best year ever. Take a moment to look over your Wish List
    and decide which ones are the most important to achieve in the next 12 months. These Top Goals, once attained, should move you further in the direction of your dreams and wishes for long term health, wealth and happiness. If you had a magic wand in your hand and could create the perfect life for yourself in the next 3-5 years, what would it look like? Where would you be living? What would you be doing? What kind of shape would you be in? What Martial Art skills would you possess? How much money would you have? Writing down your wishes and dreams is a ....

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  • Karate Aims to Build Character

    Karate Aims to Build Character

    "Karate aims to build character, improve human behavior, and cultivate modesty; it does not, however. guaranteeit." - Yasuhiro Konishi Yasuhiro Konishi
    was one of the first karateka to teach karate on mainland Japan . He was instrumental in developing modern karate, as well as a driving force in the art's acceptance in Japan. He is credited with developing the style known as Shindō jinen-ryū ....

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  • It Starts with GRATITUDE.

    It Starts with GRATITUDE.

    If you’re a parent, most likely you have said the phrase, “I just want my child to be happy”. That sounds great and noble, and it’s better than saying, “I wish my child a miserable life”. However, I’m going to challenge us all to work towards wanting a joyful life.
    Although happiness and joy are similar, happiness is often tied to a specific situation or circumstance in order to experience it, where joy requires an adjustment in your perspective for it to bubble up inside. Gratitude is the key to unlocking the joy in your life.

    When we have an entitled mindset and feel that we are "owed" something, many negative emotions can arise. At that ....

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  • Champions Develop Self Discipline

    Champions Develop Self Discipline

    A Champion is somebody that strives to be their best. To be your best, in the dojo, in school, at home, at work or in the arena of must practice and develop SELF DISCIPLINE
    of your Habits , your Actions and your Attitudes! Average
    people wish for things in life, but they lack the discipline to follow through on their desires... Champions
    have the discipline to set goals for their future and they take action to make them happen. Average

    people give their minimum and are willing to accept mediocre results... Champions
    aim for Excellence and discipline themselves to give their best for maximum results. Average
    people ....

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  • Victory vs. Defeat

    Victory vs. Defeat

    As modern-day warriors in the martial arts, we must always fill our minds with thoughts of Victory and Success verses Defeat and Failure. Positive and proper thinking motivates us to take the actions needed to create the success and achievement we desire. Keeping ourselves thinking about victory and success will propel us to succeed. Fill your mind with fear, doubt and worry and you’ll lead yourself to failure. Bad thoughts can cause us to make bad choices, and bad things are soon to follow. Mental doom and gloom can create a black cloud over everything we do. Focus on the negatives and they will manifest and grow- leading us into a downward spiral of ....

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  • Black Belt Principle #6- Indomitable Spirit

    Black Belt Principle #6- Indomitable Spirit

    Indomitable Spirit-not easily discouraged, defeated, or subdued; unyielding;
    Unconquerable. Impossible to subdue or defeat.

    Did you ever notice how some people seem to have such an upbeat attitude and always maintain a strong zest for life? They just seem to have that extra amount of enthusiasm in almost everything they do. This is called Indomitable Spirit
    . Not only do these people possess a powerful non-quitting spirit, they have a never-ending energy and excitement for the martial arts and for personal growth and development. This spirit is a positive energy force that shows a person’s passion. You can see it in their eyes, you can hear it in their ....

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  • Black Belt Principle #5- Perseverance

    Black Belt Principle #5- Perseverance

    Perseverance- Being steadfast in doing something, despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

    A powerful principle that every BLACK BELT
    does possess is the principle of PERSEVERANCE
    . Perseverance is the ability to see things through to the finish line. It’s about developing the habit of completion and keeping yourself focused on the goal while overcoming all obstacles that you may encounter. Sometimes referred to as “ STICK-TO-IT-IVENESS
    is a powerful ingredient of all successful and worthwhile achievements. It is learning to be able to set your sights on a specific target, then aiming your energy and efforts in the ....

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  • Black Belt Principle #4: Self-Control

    Black Belt Principle #4: Self-Control

    Self-control is an essential behavior in order to achieve goals and to avoid impulses and emotions that could prove to be negative.

    Black Belts
    should display self-control of their emotions, actions and attitudes. Martial Arts training teaches us to turn the switch on and perform. Martial Arts training also teaches us to calm ourselves and be in control of our emotions and actions. This allows us to find better health and happiness in our daily lives. As you develop your advanced Martial Arts skills and a higher degree of expertise in combat situations, it’s vital that you also increase your self-control. Imagine a highly skilled person that is ....

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