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Going there for years - great instructors,! Kids are learning a number of life skills - goal setting, discipline, respect, perseverance, fitness, performing in front of a group, how to protect themselves, the list goes on. It's also very family focused. Planned activities throughout the year beyond the dojo classes. ... Read More

Jennifer Granbois

I would just like to say what a pleasure it is to train with this family orientated place. From the moment you walk through their doors you feel right at home and you learn so many life lessons I can't even begin to tell you everything positive that happens here. Fun for all members of your family and I trust my family in their good hands, so you can also. Come out and train with us. ... Read More

Roy Jewell

I've been training at the Team Feidt location for just over 2 years now! Amazing instructors and family friendly environment! I very welcoming community that can help anyone interested in achieving there fitness, martial arts, and personal growth goals! ... Read More

Kinyon Brinson

Kids Martial Arts near Liverpool

Kids Martial Arts

Impact Martial Arts & Fitness offers the greatest Kids Martial Arts programs that you'll find around Liverpool! From preschool to high school, the skills your child can learn from martial arts training are endless. You'll notice their increased confidence, respect, and physicality immediately! Learn more today!

Kids Martial Arts near Liverpool

Adult Martial Arts

Impact Martial Arts & Fitness - Team Feidt is proud to offer the best martial arts training you can find. Whether you're a beginner, or you're trying to buff up your skills for your next competition, we know that we can provide the training that you're looking for. Come check us out in Liverpool to find out for yourself!

Kids Martial Arts near Liverpool

Krav Maga

Impact Martial Arts & Fitness is the only school around that's actually certified by the Krav Maga Alliance. That's why we're certain that we can offer a Krav Maga class that's better than all the rest in upstate New York! We teach effective self-defense using accessible techniques for all sizes and skill levels. Click here to read more!

The Highest Rank At Impact Martial Arts And Fitness Is Family

Impact Martial Arts & Fitness has been serving Liverpool, Baldwinsville, and Clay with the finest martial arts and fitness training since 1990. Under the name Team Feidt, we offer the best quality, service, and value to people of all ages and skill levels. Kids and parents alike have something to look forward to when training with us. We're also the only school around that's a part of the Krav Maga Alliance, so we guarantee our training is the best.

Whether you're looking to learn life changing self-defense, explore a new path to weight loss, or bulk up for competition, we can help you achieve your goals. We are a full-time, professional martial arts and fitness center offering a flexible schedule to fit with anyone's busy routine, elite instruction, and a family atmosphere that will feel like your home away from home.
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Kids Martial Arts near Liverpool
Impact Martial Arts And Fitness - Team Feidt

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Martial Arts in Liverpool - Impact Martial Arts And Fitness - Team Feidt

Martial Arts

Martial Arts are used world-wide to provide benefits ranging from physical fitness to inner growth. Impact Martial Arts & Fitness has spent nearly 30 years perfecting the arts that we teach. You'll notice better focus, confidence, agility, and all-around well being once you begin. And once you start, we know you'll keep coming back!

Fitness in Liverpool - Impact Martial Arts And Fitness - Team Feidt


We offer a variety of options to keep you feeling fit. Whether you want to learn discipline in martial arts, self-defense from Krav Maga, or just get your blood pumping with our KickFit Cardio Kickboxing, we guarantee that your body will thank you. You'll be burning fat, building strength, and you won't even notice because you'll enjoy doing it so much!

Krav Maga Alliance in Liverpool - Impact Martial Arts And Fitness - Team Feidt

Krav Maga Alliance

We're confident that we're providing the best Krav Maga training that you'll find anywhere in upstate New York because we're the only school that's a certified member of Krav Maga Alliance around. The self-defense strategies you can gain from Krav Maga are perfect to use in real-world situations, and you'll gain a better sense of your surroundings, too. The Team Feidt family is excited to offer the best training you can find.

Team Feidt in Liverpool - Impact Martial Arts And Fitness - Team Feidt

Team Feidt

When you step inside, you'll immediately become a part of the Team Feidt family. We have been a part of the Liverpool community for almost 30 years for a reason. We put family first always, whether it's your family, or the family you'll make here. Celebrate your achievements with like-minded people and create relationships that will last a lifetime with Impact Martial Arts & Fitness!

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