January 29th, 2022
Mark Cardone 5th Degree Black Belt Lucky husband to Joyce and proud father of Emily and Holly. I started training in the martial arts when I was five years old and started as a professional instructor in 1996. After achieving my 4th degree black belt, I took a break from training, and came back to the dojo after a chance run in with Shihan at a Memorial Day Parade. I own Rooftop Realty Group headquartered in the Village of Liverpool, and am also the co-host of the Achieve Results NOW! podcast. My favorite activities are spending time with my family, and helping other people achieve their goals through martial arts training, through my real estate company, and through the podcast.
Thomas Weber 3rd Degree Black Belt I have been training with Team Feidt for ten years and experienced many roles within the martial arts: Student, Assistant Instructor, Arnis/Kali Guro, Kickboxing Competitor, Corner Man, Running and Fitness Coach. These many opportunities lend me a multifaceted perspective and deeper appreciation for the many ways martial arts training can add value and discipline to one’s life. I am currently a Strength, Conditioning and Nutrition Coach working with both competitive athletes and general fitness clients in my private training studio, Hero Headquarters. Martial Arts training gave me confidence and initiative to invest in myself and start my own business. Proud husband to Kathleen, Second Degree Black Belt and Assistant Instructor, and father of Peter, Jack and Juliet.
Maria Calzada 2nd Degree Black Belt I am 19 years old and just completed my homeschooling and am an official graduate of the Liverpool School District. I have been with Team Feidt for over 8 years and consider the dojo my second family. When I'm not at the dojo i enjoy reading fantasy novels, drawings and creative writings. I participate in a local teen art class and enjoy drawing and sketching. I would like to thank Sensei Jim Munger, his wife Pam, Sensei McGarvey, Mr. Jeff Wallace and Tom and Kathleen Weber and particularly my parents for their unwavering support! I will be taking a gap year and hope to study Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management at Clemson University in 2021. Go Tigers!
Matthew Hubbard 2nd Degree Black Belt I am 15 years old and will be a sophomore at Jordan Elbridge High School in the fall. I joined Team Feidt in November of 2013 and received my 1st degree Black Belt when I was eleven in February of 2017. I participated in Varsity Cross Country at Jordan Elbridge High School in the fall and was part of the 2019 Varsity Cross Country Section C2 championship team. I was also selected to participate in the 2019 All County Band where I play the Tuba. My mom and I train together in KickFit and Pad Training and my dad helps with the team running program for the Candidates on Saturday mornings. I am really excited to being receiving my 2nd degree Black Belt.
Julia Payment 2nd Degree Black Belt I am a 15 year old and i go to Liverpool High School. I was inducted into my schools Junior Honor Society. I am involved in programs such as the marching band program, model united nations and I work behind the scenes for my school's musical and play. I have been training for 7 years.