Break Out Of The Monotonous Workout Routine With KickFIT Cardio Kickboxing

Kickboxing is the high intensity workout that never leaves you wanting. At Impact Martial Arts & Fitness, our KickFIT Cardio Kickboxing classes combine Fitness Interval Training (F.I.T.) with unique kickboxing routines to create a workout that works better than anything else. We're helping people all across Liverpool, Baldwinsville, and Clay get fit and we can help you, too!

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What Is KickFIT Cardio Kickboxing?

We don't have standard kickboxing classes, we have classes that incorporate hitting pads, resistance bands, kettlebells, medicine balls, ropes, and circuit training all while using the F.I.T. method. By adding all of these elements together, we offer the best fat-burning, sweat-inducing workout around. 

But it's not just about getting your blood pumping that makes our class so special. We emphasize proper form and techniques first in order to provide the safest training environment you can find. All of our trainers have gone through extensive training to ensure that when you learn from a member of Team Feidt, you're learning from the best.

Our KickFIT Cardio Kickboxing classes provide:

  • Heart racing workouts that keep you coming back for more
  • Lean muscle toning across the whole body
  • Proper form and techniques that translate into more than just kickboxing
  • Increased reaction times and agility

Build Strength, Lose Weight, And Feel Better With Cardio Kickboxing

What are you waiting for? Ditch the bulky equipment and start working out in a better way with KickFIT Cardio Kickboxing at Impact Martial Arts & Fitness. People from all over Liverpool, Baldwinsville, and Clay are already getting healthy with Team Feidt. We can't wait to invite you in.

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