It Starts with GRATITUDE.

If you’re a parent, most likely you have said the phrase, “I just want my child to be happy”. That sounds great and noble, and it’s better than saying, “I wish my child a miserable life”. However, I’m going to challenge us all to work towards wanting a joyful life.

Although happiness and joy are similar, happiness is often tied to a specific situation or circumstance in order to experience it, where joy requires an adjustment in your perspective for it to bubble up inside. Gratitude is the key to unlocking the joy in your life.

When we have an entitled mindset and feel that we are "owed" something, many negative emotions can arise. At that point we are not the best versions of ourselves. If instead, we think about all the things in our lives, big and small, we are grateful for, suddenly our perspective starts to shift. That shift will start to change your emotions to the positive side. When this gratefulness exercise is done daily, it becomes a habit and the joy you seek will find you.

In one of my early podcasts, Mark and I discuss gratitude and how to cultivate it. This was back in 2016 and is titled, "The Greatest GIFT You Can Give Someone". Check it out: Episode 14 Then a more recent episode we discussed how gratitude is the starting point to setting and achieving your goals. Take a listen here: Episode 145

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