Black Belt Principle #1 - Modesty

We all recite the Principles of Black Belt on a regular basis when teaching or training.  What we sometimes need to remember is that the meanings behind these words are what is most important.


MODESTY -to be humble with your talent and skills


 As martial artists, we are constantly playing with a double-edged sword.  One side is instilling belief and building our self-esteem and overall confidence, while the other side is controlling our ego and avoiding becoming overconfident.


It is a good habit to compliment others and talk about other people’s positive aspects versus bragging about yourself.  Take pride in yourself and believe in your potential, yet avoid being self-centered and conceited.  When paid a compliment, always accept it with gratitude and humble appreciation.  Be driven to be your best rather than overly concerned with being the best.  When we compete with ourselves, there is always a winner.  When you compare yourself to others, it is easy to allow your ego to interfere.

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