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Sensei Jim McGarvey

What's your favorite Martial Arts discipline? I think what makes our system so great is being able to train in many styles. I love the traditional style of Kenpo, the intensity and effectiveness of Krav Maga, the flow of Jiu Jitsu, while Arnis is another one of my favorites for its weapons handling.

What are your future aspirations? Continue to train and develop my skills along with helping students grow and accomplish their goals as well. I have a passion for the Martial Arts lifestyle and would like to make it even more a part of my life - both personally and professionally.

What was your favorite training moment? There are many. I would say one of my favorites happened recently when my wife Leslie and I were able to perform on stage together during my 4th Degree Black Belt Graduation.

What is your favorite weapon? Currently Kamas, but Bo and Sword are a close second.

What other sports or activities do you do? Running, working out, SCUBA diving, boating, travel, hiking, concerts, video games, music, and more!

What did achieving 1st degree Black Belt mean to you? It not only gave me a huge boost in confidence and feeling of accomplishment it fired me up to continue my training, set new goals, and push for higher levels of excellence.

What is your favorite quote? I have many, but one that I really like that is very true and adds in some humor is “People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.” - Zig Ziglar

Any additional information you want to share? Like so many who live the Martial Arts lifestyle I am thankful for the training I receive, the people I can help because of my training, the lifelong friendships I have developed, and the positive impacts it has had on my life both mentally and physically.

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