Kids Martial Arts near Liverpool

Ms. Emma Meyers

What's your favorite Martial Arts discipline? Kenpo

What are your future aspirations? At the dojo, I want to continue through the ranks and overall become more knowledgeable. Outside the dojo, after I graduate high school, I want to go to college and hopefully study business and one day open my own.

What was your favorite training moment? Being told I was getting my 1st degree Black Belt. I truly believe that it was one of the happiest moments in my life. ?

What is your favorite weapon? Chuks

What other sports or activities do you do? II play softball for my school and on a travel team. I am also in a club called DECA.

What did achieving 1st degree Black Belt mean to you? It really meant so much. First of all, it really showed me that I can do anything that I put my mind to and that anything is possible. I also believe it set off a sequence of events that has made me who I am today. ?

What is your favorite quote? "Stand up. Arms out. Let it fly." This is something that was written on an index card and I found it in one of my bags. I use it all the time and it is up for interpretation.

Although I am still very young, Martial Arts has been something that has influenced me for most of my life. It provides discipline and structure that can be used in school and other activities. The dojo is a place that inspires me and pushes me to be better and that is something I want everyone to be able to experience.

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