Kids Martial Arts near Liverpool

Mrs. Heather Losi

What's your favorite Martial Arts discipline? Krav Maga and Muay Thai Kickboxing

What are your future aspirations? I am currently preparing to train for 4th degree Black belt. I am continuing to work toward certification in Krav Maga and I hope to work toward Krav Instructor Certification. Outside the dojo, I am working toward a doctorate degree.

What was your favorite training moment? Anytime I am training is my favorite! I enjoy the variety; I can go from karate to Krav Maga to sparring. It keeps my training fun and eventful.

What is your favorite weapon? Kamas

What other sports or activities do you do? Like most Mom’s, I am really busy! I have a beautiful and active family, I work full-time, run a business, teach martial arts and am enrolled in school full-time. Outside of that I am a musician, like to craft and get together with friends.

What did achieving 1st degree Black Belt mean to you? Earning 1st degree brought a strength and confidence that I didn’t know I had! Now as I look at training for 4th degree I can’t imagine where I would be in my life without the strength I get from my training. ?

What is your favorite quote? "A Black Belt is a White Belt that never quit." I truly believe in constant and never ending improvement. In some respects, I don’t think we ever stop being a White Belt; there is always something to learn.

My training in the dojo supports everything that I do outside the dojo. Hope to see you on the mats!

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