Kids Martial Arts near Liverpool

Mr. Mark Cardone

What are your future aspirations? To continue to use the leadership and life management tools I learned through martial arts training to have a positive impact on people in their personal and professional lives.

What was your favorite training moment? Every moment!

What is your favorite weapon? Chucks

What other sports or activities do you do? I love spending time being active with my two daughters. I am active in the Liverpool School District PTO, I serve on the board for Edge Federal Credit Union, own a commercial real estate company, and co-own a personal results company called Achieve Results NOW!

What did achieving 1st degree Black Belt mean to you? The only thing I remember thinking when I received my 1st degree black belt was “Oh Boy! Now I am going to learn some super cool stuff.” It really signified taking a step into a leadership role. ?

What is your favorite quote? One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it. – Master Oogway

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