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Deshi Micheala Baratta

What's your favorite Martial Arts discipline? Jiu-jitsu

What are your future aspirations? Outside of the dojo, I am studying to become a speech therapist. Inside of the dojo, I would like to work my way up to earning the title of Deshi, then Sensei. I also want to earn my 5th degree black belt, and my purple belt in jiu-jitsu.

What was your favorite training moment? When I was told that I was invited to receive my first degree black belt; I had never worked that hard for anything, and I knew that I earned it—my mother, other family members, and instructors helped me a lot, but I would not have earned my belt if I didn’t work hard. No one earned my black belt for me, and I knew that.

What is your favorite weapon? Nunchuks! Ever since brown belt, I have always loved using chuks.

What other sports or activities do you do? I used to play soccer, lacrosse, and participated in dance, and Girl Scouts. Currently, I am part of Le Moyne College’s undergraduate class of 2018, and have been interning under a speech therapist throughout my senior year, as well as working as a Teaching Assistant at Elmcrest Children’s Center.

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