Going there for years - great instructors,! Kids are learning a number of life skills - goal setting, discipline, respect, perseverance, fitness, performing in front of a group, how to protect themselves, the list goes on. It's also very family focused. Planned activities throughout the year beyond the dojo classes.

Jennifer Granbois

I would just like to say what a pleasure it is to train with this family orientated place. From the moment you walk through their doors you feel right at home and you learn so many life lessons I can't even begin to tell you everything positive that happens here. Fun for all members of your family and I trust my family in their good hands, so you can also. Come out and train with us.

Roy Jewell

I've been training at the Team Feidt location for just over 2 years now! Amazing instructors and family friendly environment! I very welcoming community that can help anyone interested in achieving there fitness, martial arts, and personal growth goals!

Kinyon Brinson

My boys have been going to Impact Martial Arts for 2 years now. Since then they learn to have confidence in themselves and many importent skills. The instructors they are so great, they are passionate and really make you want to learn. Everyone there really makes it like you part of another family.

Robin Knighton

Impact is something so much more than just an extracurricular activity for kids. Not only does my 6 year old son burn energy in class, but he learns respect, self control, and to have a positive attitude. The instructors are great and want the best for each and every kid, and it really shows. Best thing I could have done for my kid was to join the Impact family.

Jennifer Orendorf

Amazing group of instructional staff that is dedicated to the success of their black belt candidates - I see a bright future ahead for our son because of his experience with this dojo’s structure of teachings and adherence and insistence to good values and building character thru the martial arts.

John Aitken

Karate is a great activity for kids and adults. They learn discipline, perseverance, how to be healthy and to never give up with the added bonus of learning how to defend themselves. You are part of a great group of people, with the same goals as you!!! Friendships are made that last a lifetime. My family and I were part of Team Andrello, and my daughter was a third degree black belt while my son and I became first degree black belts. It’s a great environment for families 💗

Nancy Goodman Trendowski

I love Impact Martial Arts so much! My son has become so much more confident in the three years he has been training with Team Feidt. As the parent of a deaf child, I was thrilled to see how well the instructors and other students help my son when he doesn't understand the instructions or new material still maintain the high standards needed to earn his next belt. He has grown as a person and academically due to the discipline he has learned and the support he gets from fellow students and the instructors. Absolutely love it!!

Maggie Ocmand

There's a great friendly environment for learning and training.

Lilith Holmes

I love Impact's Krav Maga program. I have learned so many self defense tactics. In the short time that I have been in the program, I already feel safer and more confident in myself. I would highly suggest the program to anyone. The monthly seminars that they offer are really great too!!! Everyone should try one. I guarantee you'll be hooked!!!!

Sarah Dinneen

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